Radiohead: 01 and 10

Ten years after OK Computer shocked the world, Radiohead released In Rainbows on October 10 (10/10). Though no one was expecting the album to be released until 2008, Radiohead announced In Rainbows just ten days in advance. In Rainbows, which consists of ten letters, has ten tracks, and would be downloadable from a rumored ten servers.

Radiohead preceded the release of In Rainbows with nine cryptic messages. They repeatedly emphasized X, the Roman Numeral for ten, in phrases such as “March Wa X”, and “Xendless Xurbia”. The tenth message was posted on October 10 with a photo of the band drinking tea.

There has been a lot of speculation over Radiohead’s emphasis of ten surrounding the release of In Rainbows. One theory suggests that Radiohead was typifying a binary code of ones and zeros, 1010101010. This has come to be known as the Binary Theory, also called the TENspiracy by some.

Puddlegum first addressed the Binary Theory in Radiohead: 1010101010. Someone associated with Thom Yorke contacted Puddlegum, sharing Thom’s reaction to Puddlegum’s article:

“The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, we’re just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But I’m willing to wager he’ll have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one ‘gets it’ yet, given the mountain of clues.”

Ten days after our original article, we have come to believe that OK Computer and In Rainbows were meant to complement each other. During the writing and recording process of OK Computer, Radiohead used the working title of Zeros and Ones. If OK Computer is represented by 01, and In Rainbows is represented by 10, then we have 01 and 10. In binary code 01 and 10 complement each other.

Consider that In Rainbows was meant to complement OK Computer, musically, lyrically, and in structure. We found that the two albums can be knit together beautifully. By combining the tracks to form one playlist, 01 and 10, we have a remarkable listening experience. The transitions between the songs are astounding, and it appears that this was done purposefully.

The lyrics also seem to complement each other. There appears to be a concept flowing through the 01 and 10 playlist. Ideas in one song is picked up by the next, such as “Pull me out of the aircrash,” and “When I’m at the pearly gates, this will be my videotape.”

To create the 01 and 10 playlist, begin with OK Computer’s track one, Airbag, and follow this with In Rainbow’s track one, 15 Step. Alternate the albums, track by track, until you reach Karma Police on OK Computer, making All I Need the tenth track on the 01 and 10 playlist. Follow Karma Police with Fitter Happier from OK Computer, for tracks eleven and twelve. These two tracks act as a bridge between the first ten and the following ten tracks on the 01 and 10 playlist. Then continue to alternate the albums again, picking up with Faust Arp on In Rainbows, with Electioneering on OK Computer as the following track.

Radiohead – 01 and 10 playlist:
1. Airbag (OK Computer)
2. 15 Step (In Rainbows)
3. Paranoid Android (OK Computer)
4. Bodysnatchers (In Rainbows)
5. Subterranean Homesick Alien (OK Computer)
6. Nude (In Rainbows)
7. Exit Music (For A Film) (OK Computer)
8. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (In Rainbows)
9. Let Down (OK Computer)
10. All I Need (In Rainbows)
11. Karma Police (OK Computer)
12. Fitter Happier (OK Computer)
13. Faust Arp (In Rainbows)
14. Electioneering (OK Computer)
15. Reckoner (In Rainbows)
16. Climbing Up The Walls (OK Computer)
17. House Of Cards (In Rainbows)
18. No Surprises (OK Computer)
19. Jigsaw Falling Into Place (In Rainbows)
20. Lucky (OK Computer)
21. Videotape (In Rainbows)
22. The Tourist (OK Computer)

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  • maRtO

    Try to listen to this playlist with 10 sec. crossfading. Even more interesting ;)

  • maRtO

    More interesting things:

    The most curious thing is I think it’s also working in the 01 and 10 playlist…

  • Adam

    So in effect, In Rainbows is the Sonic & Knuckles expansion cartridge to OK Computer’s Sonic the Hedgehog?

  • bryon

    The golden ratio section aligns perfectly if Fitter Happier is not included. (With this track excluded the section is within 4 seconds of the 2min49sec section, by my calculation). Wow.

  • christopher

    So what about the other 8 songs off In Rainbows that won’t be released until December? Just a bonus?

  • maRtO

    Another thing about numbers is what happens with 15 :

    1) 15 Step

    lyrics : Fifteen steps…

    2) Climbing Up The Walls

    lyrics : Fifteen blows to your mind…

  • maRtO

    And, in fact, 15 in binary code is 1111. Maybe it’s something?

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  • Ryan

    The biggest hint that OK Rainbows / In Computer or whatever they’re going to call it needs to be listened to with a 10-second crossfade is the segue between Subterranean Homesick Alien and Nude. Since I got the album, I was wondering what that weird little hint of a chord at the beginning of Nude was all about… it acts as a cut-off to the last chord of SHA.

  • Brent

    Um.. this is only radiohead’s 7th album.

  • Darnell

    >Um.. this is only radiohead’s 7th album.

    This was the TENTH COMMENT!!!!! Coincidence…or psychic phenomenon?

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  • maRtO

    Other things that annoy me : beginning of name of the albums is 0 (OK) and 1 (In), both of 10 characters.



  • Alessandro Cortini

    this is bullshit.

    Wake up.

  • maRtO

    This thing seems to be Pink Floyd-made …

  • UBH, Biatch

    Interesting enough but, seems to be a bit davinci code for my liking.

  • zooloo

    such a great band, i remeber all cool, twisted in a good way and inspiring videos. I´m glad theyre back!!


  • arg

    now take the 2’s compliment

  • chaoskaizer

    I love radiohead, whats next

  • tnk

    wow, between this and the golden ratio thing, it’s clear some radiohead fans are starting to smoke the same thing tool fans have been smoking for years, huh… i’m a bit dry at the moment, maybe you guys can help me out with some of that stuff….

    fcking awesome album though. you guys are ridik though

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  • Brett Bachemin

    I’ve found that if you take all the tracks from In Rainbows, and replace them with the tracks from OK Computer….you’ll hear an album worth a shit.

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  • André

    Try alternating between Kid A and In Rainbows. Both have 10 songs. They are more alike than OK Computer and IR. They have MUCH more similarities. The instruments that end one song start another. Motion Picture Soundtrack is followed by Videotape, for instance.
    And if you enable a cross track fading between them (of, say, 10 seconds… ;) the transition is almost perfect.

    Or we could all be seeing too much in this…

  • André

    Crossfading between tracks, really.

    And fuck me, it’s awesome.

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  • Mike MacKinnon

    Radiohead has unlocked everyone brain, look at the ideas being created. An army of darkness has been formed. Check out Thanks

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  • Matt

    When will Publius Enigma show up?

  • André

    Well, adding to my insane theory about Kid A + In Rainbows, it seems that every pair of songs could be juxtaposed, if the right timing would be found (I couldn’t find it). “Kid A” seems to have the same notes as “Bodysnatchers”. “Weird Fishes” seems to ask “Why should I be standing here?” right at the same time as “How to disappear completely” says “Im not here”. “Morning Bell” seems to have the same structure as “Jigsaw Pieces”.

    If anyone could find the right timing (maybe something to do with the 10s and the 15s and the binary thingies), let us know.


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  • Matt

    So, basically, Radiohead are stealing ALL their ideas from Boards of Canada?

  • http://LastFM Zoot

    I’ve noticed something else. 15 tracks after 15 Step, comes No Surprises, where Thom sing “15 blows to the back your head, 15 blows to your mind.” This is pretty fucking scary and cool at the same time. Thom and Radiohead is fucking are fucking geniuses.

  • http://LastFM Zoot

    Climbing Up the Walls* fuck I mixed up the songs. It doesn’t make sense. I’m an idiot.

  • maRtO

    Zoot, read on post 6 ;) It seems to be something more about 15… isn’t it?

  • maRtO

    I think it’s smething wrong about the songs order. I’m begining to feel like a Tool fan.

  • http://LastFM Zoot

    Maybe he’s meant it to fuck up so we doubt the legitimacy of the theory? But he wants us to?

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  • Brent

    It is fun to try, but total bs. There is nothing that really matches up except for the fact that it is radiohead and all their songs sound like radiohead so they go well together.

  • harry

    hmmm i like the playlist, alternating the tracks between OKC and In Rainbows, there will be some reason to this, there always is, like i dont think the golden ratio thing is meer coincidence.

    but i dont think you can say that ‘Thom and Radiohead is fucking are fucking geniuses.’ if you dont understand fully what they are doing. In the passage above it says that Thom is annoyed that no one ‘gets it’ yet, this almost definately means that there are things we have missed.
    Yes the is alot to do with the number 10 and the number 15 maybe, but do you actually know why?? When everyone realises what it is about then yes, say they are geniises, but till you understand i wouldnt.

  • maRtO

    I’ve noticed some of the connections between songs in the playlist are fluid (same key or chord) but other ones, aren’t. So I think we’ve missed somenthig, as Harry says. I think would be interesting to see in which key is every song, for example.

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  • mikeb

    I just noticed that the 01 and 10 playlist is 1.5 hours long… Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • maRtO

    I thought… if the playlist idea is wrong… 01 for OK Computer and 10 for In Rainbows… then In Rainbows is played inversed…

    01. Airbag
    02. Videotape
    03. Paranoid Android
    04. Jigsaw…

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  • Strassy

    Yeah this sounds like Thom Yorke has been ripping off Boards of Canada’s “Geogaddi” with all the math formula creepy stuff

  • Jason

    OK Computer=Album3
    In Rainbows=Album7

  • DEEZ

    so i have a speculation that maybe, the answer is in older works. otherwise, “Thom’s correspondent”, as well as Thom himself wouldn’t have been expecting speculation for “a couple years”.

    given that there are “mountains of clues”, perhaps the answer is on dead air space somewhere, or even within Hail To The Thief.

  • el d1eg0

    There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand the the binary code and the ones who don’t…

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  • Semen

    You people need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Just listen and enjoy the music, retards.

  • Binaryman

    None of you have the slightest understanding of how binary code works. Stop posting.

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  • weird fishee

    youre all wrong, theres little connection really.
    its rather fun to mess with your heads though. i cant believe its been taken so far.

    have fun on the first


  • Andrew B

    Wonder what happens when you sync this playlist with the Wizard of Oz.

  • jh.
  • Sac

    i know the whole binary theory is pretty far fetched, and there is even some guy suggesting that if we mixed the two albums (OK and In Rainbows) so OK went in its rightful order and Rainbows was played backwards. but when you listen to it in the order this webpage suggests i noticed a REALLY REALLY creepy thing, now the webpage states that karma police and fitter happier are the bridge from the first ten songs to the last two songs… well at the end of fitter happier, when faust arp starts up the initial lyrics are ‘one two three four, wakey wakey rise and shine, its on again’ and after the somewhat spooky/grim fitter happier that is ment to be a somewhat of an interlude in the 01 10 playlist, i think it cant just be a thing of chance or coincidence. but yeah thats just my opinion or something i hav noticed

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  • Mike

    not sure i buy any of this…being a CS major, binary is nothing new, special, mysterious, or even theoretical. its extremely commonplace within certain industries and is simply another representation of decimal numerals.

    im not sure radiohead would do something like “mysterious” like this. their music is mysterious enough – they don’t need to cheapen themselves to gimmicks like this.

    anyway, i played ok computer and in rainbows alternated this morning like the article suggests, and i didnt feel it worked well at all. even some transitions some people pointed out as dead giveaways sounded bad to me. i mean some worked OK, but i mean c’mon, its radiohead – every song is freakin amazing – how could they not sound good together ?

    in fact the first two songs were a dead giveaway to me that this thing is bogus. as we all know, at the end of Airbag, there is a 4-count that leads into Paranoid Android. well…that 4 count is completely out of time with 15 step – making for a very awkward transition.

  • My Ego

    Ok blogsters. Admittedly, this theory is intriguing so I tested it out.

    After the very first transition between Airbag and 15 Step, I feel its pretty safe to say this theory is preposterous.

    The end of Airbag has the four-count of beeps; however 15 Step is counted in FIVES. Go ahead and count it out. With the musical prowess of Radiohead, there is simply no way in hell they’d intentionally do a four-count to lead into a song in 5. It is awkward, musically off balance, and just sounds like shit. Wake up people, and learn to count.


  • rene

    @ 27: Kid A does NOT fit into In Rainbows, and yes, I tried it. Neither from the flow or the instrumentation of the songs.

    Usually I give a fucking damn about conspiracy and stuff, but this is just so obvious…

  • » Blog Archive » Radiohead 01 and 10

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  • rene

    @ 67: So… 15 Step is counted in FIVES. And Bodysnatchers on IR is counted in Fours… Go ahead and count it out. With the musical prowess of Radiohead, there is simply no way in hell they’d intentionally do a four-count to lead into a song in 5.


  • A Perfect Ten « Expectations and Exertations

    [...] Ok, I’m sure you’re all impressed, but here’s where it gets crazy. Obviously radiohead is trying to tell us something about the number ten. At first, I thought it was all symbolic meaning, like everything else Radiohead does. In Rainbows, for example, refers to many greek mythological themes about the pathway between heaven and earth. So, after a little research, both Biblical and Greek sources agreed that ten is one of the numbers of perfection. Even more, ten signifies completeness in order, lacking nothing and carrying nothing over. [...]

  • SeanJohn

    Along with Rene’s comment, 15 Step refers to programming of drum machines. Most pop songs are written in 4/4 timing. Thus, it’s common to use 16 Steps when programming a drum machine. If you take away one step, you’d have 15 Steps, thus a 5/4 timing. Hence, the song 15 Step… it’s in 5/4. Heavily relies on a drum machine.

    Go back to work.

  • amnesiac

    Probably just another example of a guy with too much time on his hands. (much like the Dark Side of the Moon – Wizard of Oz synchronicity)

    Coincidences DO happen in life, whether you like it or not, and its not as if this is a clear cut one.

    The people who believe this and claim there is a synchronicity of some sort are just making themselves believe it because they want to see some mysterious puzzle associated witht their beloved band.

    Until Radiohead actually SAY something about it, personally, Im not gonna waste my time.

  • amnesiac

    @ post #9: youre an idiot.

    Its the “videotape” being rewound. THe whole concept of the album.

  • pieceustogether


    If you use a ten second crossfade, te 4 second count isn’t even audible.

  • Felmanating Up The Walls

    I took the advice from everyone on this page. I compiled the playlist, and focussed all my attention on the 2 hours of music that lay before me. I compiled all the lyrics in the appropriate order. I laid back and closed my eyes. And I finally saw how all the songs were interconnected. What they all shared to link them across a 12 year bridge.

    They are all entirely bloody awesome, because they are all by Radiohead. Can we not leave it there?

  • SnareHangar


    you do realize that Thom sings the words “15 Steps” in the song, right? So it could very well have nothing to do with drum machines…especially considering Phil’s actually playing drums in the song. So no…it doesn’t heavily rely on drum machines.

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  • Rene

    @ 76 ( I hate calling people numbers):

    >And I finally saw how all the songs were interconnected. What they all shared to link them across a 12 year bridge.

    Absolutely right. Just listen and you see the whole fucking picture. It’s that amazing!

    But: I’m asking myself, what’s about the Rest of the Tracks from the new album? These from the Deluxe-Edition? Are these the „real“ new Album?

  • Rene

    >Are these the „real“ new Album?

    And maybe more interesting: only available for the Deluxe-Payers? (Until, ofcourse, they are available for all from p2p for all of us)

    This all sounds like a plan I think.

  • Ben

    If you listen to the VERY beginning All I Need from In Rainbows, you can hear just for a second the guitars fading from the track Let Down on OK Computer…I don’t think its a coincidence anymore.

  • dusty

    anyone notice that OK Computer and IN Rainbows are also 2 letter words separated from an 8 letter word

  • ghosthorse

    All I need is the 10th song, and the times that Thom sings “Is all grong / Is all right” at the end of the song is TEN!!!

  • ghosthorse

    All I need is the 10th song, and the times that Thom sings “Is all wrong / Is all right” at the end of the song is TEN!!!

  • anathemaddicted

    If you listen carefully, the sounds at the very begining of Faust Arp are the same at the end of Fitter Happier.

  • drew

    this may be trying too hard or something but does anyone else notice that on the cover of OK Computer to the left there is an X (10) with a crashed plane underneath it, and that the end of IN Rainbows you hear, Close Circuit Camera (black box) and of coarse all of the sone Videotape? Or how about to the left of the X the weird blurry guy sitting there, to me it looks like the weird guy in the background of the IN Rainbows cover…

  • drew

    also, on the back on OK Computer under the box with all the track listings is says 1=2. If OK Computer (Zeros and Ones, 01, which means 1 in binary) and In Rainbows (released on 10/10, 1010 = 2 in binary) so by that OK Computer = In Rainbows. though i still want to know what 18576397 means which is also on the back of OK Computer.

  • drew

    and what about with the booklet for OK Computer, the tracklisting on the backside of the booklet and a blank space after track 10, no surprises, maybe that blank space is where you insert In Rainbows, i mean the best parts that really sync’d up lyrically were the last four tracks, try it out i think it may work a little better (the end of the album that is)

  • anathemaddicted

    About the “18576397″, I’ve hear that the 97 is for the release year of OK Computer, but dont remember what the other numbers mean.

  • jh.

    the red digits 18576397 on the back of OK COMPUTER stands for March 6, 1997, 18:57 (GMT) which was the time when OK COMPUTER was mastered and officially …

  • Radiobuzz

    I’ve tried this and I must say it doesn’t sound right. However, Thom said that we still didn’t “get it”, and I think he’s right because Jigsaw, Exit Music and Videotape, in that order, fit perfectly.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything else, so please, if someone’s reading this, check the order of those songs to see for yourself that they sound amazing (with the crossfade in 10 seconds), and see if you can keep digging. Going to bed now.

  • pall

    oh my god! i just discovered that if play In Rainbows while i’m driving to office all crosslights are green!

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  • Adam

    I’m sorry, but I made the playlist just like you said, and I’m not hearing a mesh…this seems like a nice theory but it’s a little bit of a stretch.

  • maRtO

    15 Step and Paranoid Android also fit perfectly…

  • Radiobuzz

    I’ve made this little audio:

    If you hear it, you’ll see that those three songs are complementing eachother beautifully. Once again, the tracklisting here is not correct.

  • maRtO

    Add these ones : Bodysnatchers and Electioneering.

  • maRtO

    I have now a theory : every song has its pair. Like 01 and 10 between songs…

  • maRtO

    ANd as 92 said, Jigsaw and Exit Music also fit.

  • Sepculation

    Another CS major here. Let’s have a brief overview of binary numbers. Binary is a base 2 counting system. This means each digit is an ascending power of 2. For example, 100 in binary is 4 in decimal. To me when a person says that 10 and 01 complement each other, that’s as meaningless as saying that 12 and 21 complement each other. Here is a good little article all about binary numbers for those of you who love learning new things:

    Now I present a vastly different business based theory. I am not a huge radiohead fan and honestly got into them way after they became famous and popular. But there music is damn good and enjoyable. Perhaps 10 years ago Radiohead wanted to produce an epic 2 disc album and the label told them to piss off. So perhaps at that point they saved many of the songs that they had intended for the one epic album and split that into two albums saving the songs to be released as part of an album that they could release on their own terms. Maybe some of the songs had already been recorded from 10 years ago, or maybe all of them. This would explain the surprise of them releasing the album far sooner than anyone had expected. Just a thought.

    Cheers. wa

  • maRtO

    Hmm… what I think about 10 is the meanings it has:

    10 = 1 and 0 and also 10 = 2 … maybe its a kind of digital yin-yang?

    I think I’m getting mad…

  • maRtO

    More random thoughts… Maybe Videotape is a beginning and Exit Music (For a Film) is the end…

  • Radiobuzz

    @105: Is the other way around. “…hope that you choke” fits perfectly with Videotape piano chords.

  • maRtO

    No way, Radiobuzz. Different chord and key, different rhythm… nope. IMHO, it makes more sense if it’s a story told in a videotape seen through all the songs…

  • maRtO

    At this moment I have this tracklist :

    01. Videotape, 02. Airbag, 03. Nude, 04. No Surprises

    15. 15 Step, 16. Paranoid Android, 17. Reckoner, 18. Climbing Up The Walls, 19. Faust Arp, 20. Lucky, 21. Jigsaw Falling Into Place, 22. Exit Music

  • maRtO

    other theory I leave is Videotape as first song and Exit Music – Faust Arp as last songs… because of Goethe’s.

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  • Martin Heike » OK Computer + In Rainbows = I0

    [...] wissen will, wie ich auf diese Idee komme, kann das bei Nerdcore nachlesen. Man munkelt, dass das neue Album „In Rainbows“ in einem Abstand von zehn Jahren als die zweite [...]

  • maRtO

    I Finally came with this playlist : Fitter Happier, Lucky, Videotape, Let Down, Weird Fishes, The Tourist, Bodysnatchers, Electioneering, House Of Cards, No Surprises, Nude, Subterranean Homesick Alien, Reckoner, Karma Police, 15 Step, Paranoid Android, All I Need, Climbing Up The Walls, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Exit Music, Faust Arp, Airbag.

    At this point, the only link it doesn’t work for me is Lucky to Videotape… Also say 15 Step is song #15 and Reckoner is #13, in the golden ratio. And some of the lyrics also have more relation…

  • pbu

    “Someone associated with Thom Yorke contacted Puddlegum, sharing Thom’s reaction to Puddlegum’s article” – Bullshit!

    i like how #61 is pretending to be Thom Yorke – Loser!

  • Dave

    Not to add to the conspiracy (its interesting but not necessarily truthful ). I noticed that nude has alot of reversed audio. Try listening to it backwards….

  • Izabael

    Lol. Radiohead fans are so late to the game. Tool fans have been obsessing on play list order since (at least) Lateralus.

    In fact, most likely a bored Tool fan started this rumour…;-)

  • gpeddino

    With 10-sec crossfade, the transition between Electioneering and Reckoner sounds perfect. The final chord in Electioneering coincides amazingly with the starting drums in Reckoner.

    The transition SHA/Nude is also beautiful. Same goes to 15 Step/ Paranoid Android and Climbing Up The Walls/House Of Cards.

  • Radiobuzz

    Ok, this is my list so far:

    Jigsaw, Exit Music, Videotape, Let Down, All I Need, Climbing up the Walls, Nude, Karma Police, Arpeggi, The Tourist, Faust Arp, Airbag, Reckoner, Subterranean, Bodysnatchers, Electioneering, 15 Step, Paranoid Android, House of Cards, No surprises.

    I’ll review it tomorrow.

  • Patrick

    I don’t know if anyone has said this, and it may be obvious, but OK Computer was released 10 years ago.

  • Radiobuzz

    (Oh, you can add Lucky before Jigsaw.)

  • John Doe

    Here’s something to think about. I have no idea who will read this since it’s basically at the bottom of the list, but Radiohead considers Amnesiac their lost album. The one that’s forgotten or should not be remembered. It says so in the packet of the booklet to cut the packet up and throw it in a dark place and forget about it. That’s why it’s called Amnesiac. So, if you take every fifteenth song from every Radiohead album, since the first song track is called 15 step…then you start with the beginning album to the last album. First song being You, High and Dry, Karma Police, Morning Bell, Sail to the moon and Weird fishes. You skip Amnesiac. The forgotten Album…???

  • Tom

    has anyone noticed or mentioned that the time signature implied by the phrasing of 15 steps is…wait for it…10/4 ?

  • wisselend tij

    [...] » Radiohead TENspiracy [...]

  • OG

    you fools! its right in front of your EYES!!

  • maRtO

    I think I’ve get something with my playlist (post 112). First, say I’m spanish, so it’s more difficult for me to extract further meanings on this, but I tried and…

    (1) the last 7 songs not only fit perfectly with crossfade, but also the lyrics tell the end of a story. It remembers me a lot the end of “The Wall” (Pink Floyd).

  • maRtO

    (2) Lyrics on ‘All I Need’ and ‘Reckoner’ speak about this “need”.
    (3) Song 15 is #15 Step. #17 (All I Need) begins with “I’m the next step…”

    (4) Climbing Up – Jigsaw – Exit Film tells about a person way to death. Do you think the same?

  • maRtO

    (5) I think Fitter Happier and Lucky also fit perfect, with noises at same rhythm. Maybe Thom messed up the songs on OK Computer.

    At this time, these are my ideas.

  • maRtO

    @117: How can you say Exit Music and Videotape crossfade correctly? I’m sorry, it sounds weird for me.

  • maRtO

    Aps… I forgot one thing more:

    (6) Airbag ends with those blips… Another thing messed up in OK Computer, but now it makes sense for me. It’s an END. Airbag speaks about the sensations of the main character/person on the story when he/she escapes of death.

  • maRtO

    (7) My playlist is alterning one song of Ok Computer and one of In Rainbows, except on the beginning.

  • maRtO

    More thoughts:
    (8) Fitter Happier is the beggining of a story. The story of a worker on a big city. Lucky speaks about his/her desires of get out of this schedules, routine,… and he/she wants to suicide? (Videotape)

  • owenlucas

    to respond to the people asserting that the four beeps at the end of Airbag do not fit with the drum loop at the start of 15 steps because of the time signature; the drum loop is in five four, but each beat is exactly twice the speed of the four at the end of airbag. If you listen to the end of airbag, and beat at double the speed it fits perfectly with the speed of 15 steps – with no 10 second crossfade. Trust me i’m a musician, not a binary nerd.

  • maRtO

    Hmmm… good theory on Airbag, but I think it melts also correct with the noise end of Karma Police. I continue on believe Airbag is the end of the album.

  • maRtO

    Hmmm… message “March W AX” maybe is the OK Computer release… so another idea to relation… I’ll explain:

    March … ok, everybody knows it
    W … ??? in alphabet is 22th character
    AX… in numbers is 1 10 … and in binary : 6.

    March W 6.

  • maRtO

    W = 22 = 10 10 or 10110… dunno…

  • Martin Heike » Linksammlung

    [...] » Radiohead: 01 and 10 :: Puddlegum :: [...]

  • beating out the end of airbag at double speed does not fit with 15 step. the latter is faster.

  • drew

    1=2 (on back of OK Computer)

  • A Paranoid Android

    I heard Radiohead was stuck in the Matrix and that’s where they released In Rainbows from. And if you add up the letters from the names “Neo” and “Morpheus”… that equals 10, and so does 5+5… I think…

  • Dave

    10 Years since ok computer..?

  • urbandesire » Blog Archive » links for 2007-10-26

    [...] » Radiohead: 01 and 10 :: Puddlegum :: Verschwörungstheorien um die Radioheadalben Ok Computer und In Rainbows. Herrlich (tags: Music radiohead blog blogging verschwörung) [...]

  • Zack

    WEll honestly so far i seea bunch of conspiracy theaories but nothing is really lining up all that well i tried the ok computer thing sometiems it works a bit sometimes it doesnt the kidA thing works better like ideotechs 4 chords sound a lot like the last repeaded three chords in reckoner.. that was kinda cool but still i feel like im wasting my time with some BS i mean i just hope somethign official is said and thats all i care

  • GeniusIQ30000

    I know for a fact that Thom cannot even count. It’s a learning disorder he and his family discovered at the tender age of 6. So all of this fire and brimstone needs to stop – its shenanigans, all of it; however, I have noticed a strong correlation between zebras and purple in the lyrics between track 4 of Kid A and Thom’s favorite STD (common knowledge: gonorrhea).

  • Sam

    So this is really interesting. I thought it was something that they drop the key down at the very end of 15 Step and it’s the key of Paranoid Android. With the 10 second crossfade it works really nicely. I also thought it was interesting that In Rainbows came out 10 years after OK Computer.

    About the crossfade: What if it’s supposed to run like this – 0sec. – 10 sec. (repeat)

    So no crossfade between Airbag and 15 Step and 10 sec fade to Paranoid Android. That seems to match the scheme better.

  • bruno

    rainbows heave 7 colors = 7th album of radiohead!

  • Bruno Balvedi

    Hey i think i found something!
    1) set the fadding to 01 seconds. NOT 10 secs…
    2) ok computer IN rainbows IN side ok computer
    3)Try putting the two albuns in inverse order like: 1.tourist 2.videotape 3.lucky.4.jig 5.surpr 6.Cards 7.climbing.8.reckoner.9elect.10fitter.11 faust.12.karma 13.all i need 14.let down 15.arpeggi 16.exit 17.Nude 18.Sub 19.body 20.paranoid 21.15steps 22.airbag

  • Bruno Balvedi

    pretty much all the album, but the one´s i think are “special”
    8 Elect-> 9 reck same instrument! Pandeiro in portuguese…
    14 let down -> 15 arpeggi

  • dean

    Found a lot of backmasking in “in Rainbows” – figured if 10 is 01 reversed, then maybe in rainbows would play backwards – some of the songs sound good backwards especially nude, and I know they have been known to put old songs in new ones backwards etc…found quite a few messages in there I think, and pretty sure they are in there on purpose as they sort of make sense, but I might have misheard or be imagining some of them….here goes:

    15 steps – “everybody will see”

    bodysnatchers – “This time”

    nude – “be afraid”

    all i need – “There’s love” (not sure about this one)

    faust arp – “you didn’t realise”…….”you need a new life”

    reckoner – “your eyes won’t” – think he says – “believe”

    house of cards – “and”….”i am sick of this” – think he says – “hour off”

    Has anyone else tried it?

  • dean

    By the way – if you get two copies of each track, and play them with a ten second lapse (e.g play 15 steps in the left channel, wait exactly ten seconds then play 15 steps in the right channel), they harmonise with each other perfectly – that must have taken them ages to do. Apparently the same thing happens with a few songs from OK Computer. On Kid A if you wait 17 seconds same thing occurs. How genius is that?

  • drew

    With the track listing that Bruno presented, 145, i’m starting to get a bit of a scientology feel to radiohead, there are two underling themes in the mixture of albums, an airplane, and aliens. im no scientologist but within their theory, didn’t the main alien guy bring humans to earth via a airplane like ship. also bodysnatchers “…full of holes…” the thom goes on about being abducted, next track is SHA, “drill holes in themselves” about wanting to be abducted. if we switch the order to reverse it like Bruno, then it would make more sense, wanting to be abducted, then actually being abducted.

  • Dave

    If you check the postings on the radiohead website… The 1st of October and the 10th of October? :( my head hurts

  • Randy

    Wow you people are intense and mostly pretty stupid.

    Just listen to the fucking music. You’re trying to hard to find some ridiculous shit that isn’t there.

  • capcold님의 블로그님 » Blog Archive » 라디오헤드 신보의 멋진 음모 – OK Rainbow

    [...] 라디오헤드 신보, 그냥 듣기에도 썩 좋은 앨범이지만 사실은 엄청난 음모론이 도사리고 있다고 한다. 어차피 누구나 다 두 눈에 쌍심지켜고 관심 [...]

  • simon

    i got it.. its simple…. so its ten seconds after the golden ratio he says in rainbows thats why there is confusion on why the in rainbows comes after the ratio well its coz its 10 seconds after….
    no huge conspiracy

  • simon

    i got it.. its simple…. so its ten seconds after the golden ratio he says in rainbows thats why there is confusion on why the in rainbows comes after the ratio well its coz its 10 seconds after….
    no huge conspiracy

  • ben

    I read all those comments; now I’m exhausted. I think i’m going to put a different album on.

  • Thom Yorke

    You are acting like freaks.
    Not even Tool fans go this far.

  • The OK Computer/In Rainbows conspiracy | Radiohead At Ease [In Rainbows]

    [...] Read Puddlegum’s full story on the Tenspiracy. [thx Stephan] [...]

  • junoXL5


    If I were a chromosome X would indicate my sex – if I were a voter X would express my preference – If I were a lover X would send you a kiss – If I were an alphabet X would be my 24th letter – If I studied Geometry X would be the first coordinate – If I were a treasure hunter or a detective in a crime scene X would mark the spot – If I were a film censor I’d give your dirty, violent movie an X Rating – If I were an assassin X would have you in my sites – If I were a radiographer, I’d see right through you with me X-Rays – If I were a mathematician X would be the first unknown quantity – If I were illiterate X would mark my signature – If I were a teacher X would be the mark I’d give you for being wrong…..

    This kind of limited thinking is so typical of earthling conspiracy theorists, in that the majority of their theories can be blown apart by simply applying some common sense to their outlandish claims, which have usually arisen from their exceedingly narrow, oft ill informed person centered view of the world. And whilst you are all caught up in the likes of this and are too busy to take a ‘real’ look around, you all completely fail to see the momentous conspiracy going on all the time, right under your noses…..

    Take the ridiculous amount of store that was set in the ‘spooky’ way that all of the remaining metal girders from the fallen Twin Towers, were of the same length, pointing towards ‘explosions’ on each floor. These idiots have clearly never been on a building site in their lives – did they think that girders were hundreds of feet long, or notwithstanding that, surely they would realise that when any kind of structure comes under pressure, it’s most likely to break at the joints….. Anyway, I’m sure you catch my drift, and concede that your binary ‘theory’ is full of 0000000 wholes, and will now perhaps go and visit a lonely old person and make their day, instead of wasting anymore time on this matter – who knows what goes on inside the radioheads of popstars…..

    JunoXL5 (ps – and just in case you were wondering, my name doesn’t mean juno65 or juno11 – the juno is after a Roland synthesiser, and the XL5 comes from the name of an American motor oil in the 1960’s, which was taken by filmmaker Gerry Anderson, and used in the title of his brilliant 60’s TV space puppet show, Fireball XL5 – there’s always at least 10 sides to every story)

  • one more thing

    what we’re all experiencing is called MINUTIA. go watch Pi. patterns occur and can be found everywhere so long as we search for them. but the 01-10 conspiracy is dope. i understand how easily obsessed a bored mind can get from thom’s puzzles.

  • interfloessence

    2 things the cover for in rainbows is the same text from OK and shares spaces and slashes. two i always wondered why electioneering starts with that cymbal rush

  • interfloessence

    the cover of in rainbows may be a clue for how to arrange the tracks … good luck

  • Radiobuzz

    In Rainbows’ cover art has not been published yet.

  • http://none v0ided

    “Suck, suck your teenage thumb
    Toilet trained and dumb
    When the power runs out
    We’ll just hum” “My Iron Lung – Radiohead – The Bends Track 06″

    I heard the lyrics to this part of the song as “When the Pi runs out”. Maybe it’s just me…. Radiohead creating their whole musical formula based on the theory of pi?

  • Sal

    the digital root of the combined time of both albums is 1 (coming from 1 and 9 equaling 10).

  • oneeyedhermit

    Ah my eyes! Why did I think reading all of this would be worth it?

  • Sal

    more random ideas. 1) fitter happier is out of place in the track listing on the back of OK Computer, as if it’s extra. Leaving us with 11 tracks. IR has 10 tracks. More 1’s and 0’s. 2) Bulletproof and Street Spirit are written on last page of the OKC book, connection? 3) the what seem to be random letters and numbers next to all songs on OKC except fitter happier, cryptograms? 4) Airbag does lead nicely into Videotape with the bleeps. 5) one minute into Faust Arp “dead from the neck up, i guess” backwards clearly sounds like “say goodbye, could not refrain”. interesting. 6) The intro to Nude is the outro played in reverse, it seems. 7) What about all the songs that were supposed to be on these albums that didn’t make the cut? Palo Alto? Last Flowers? Down is the new up? We could be creating this binary theory. Never the less, still interesting. I’m done now.

  • try this

    everything in its right place
    15 STEP
    paranoid android
    kid a
    MK 1
    subterranean homesick alien
    the national anthem
    exit music (for a film)
    how to disappear…
    let down
    MK 2
    karma police
    idiotequefitter happier
    in limbo
    climbing up the walls

    no surprises
    morning bell
    motion picture soundtrack
    the tourist

  • Daniel Almeida.

    Contributing to the craziness that is happening here, I’ll say that in “bodysnatchers” he says Blink your Eyes, one for yes (01) two for no (10) got it?

    Maybe yes and no have something to do with it.

  • Daniel Almeida.

    On the same song… I’ve no idea what are you (I am) talking about…

  • Devon Beck

    I’d have to say that listening to this playlist just shows you how different the albums are, and not their similarities.

  • Tunnel

    The most interesting thing about this is seeing how people can find coincidences and patterns anywhere. I don’t think this whole thing is shit, nor do I believe every idea posted, but its all hilarious. Sure, there is an interesting theme going on with the Number Ten that Radiohead obviously planted, though to what depth theyreally thoughtit out is totally unknown. It could simply bethat the number ten, in relation to In Rainbows simply enlightens us on part of its themes: trapped, uncertain, caught in a cycle, heaven/hell, beauty/ugliness, waves of all sorts: spectrum; sound; water…OK computer sells some pretty similar ideas from a more outside technology point of view rather than inner struggle…that could be the link they were trying to make…both albums deal with the individual being lost in an infinately complex world and not knowing whatis right or wrong…That’s pretty clear…it does not mean the albums have to interlink physically

  • Tunnel

    …I think its everyone wishes that these two gorgeous albums do come togther in this way because wouldn’t that be beautiful?? So goahead and make your OK Rainbows mix as smoothly as you can and enjoy the listen…the themes run together so what’sthe harm? Search for all the patterns if you want toand all those extremely pessimistic people can waste their time writing long-winded emails laughing at those uncovering something they deem to be beautiful. Where’s the harm?

    Who is wasting more time? Those reading all of this just to say that its stupid and a waste of time? or those trying to uncover mysteries of an album whether put there intentionally or not?

    A theme of this album is not knowing what’s right or wrong? A little ironic….you’re going to make a choice to believe or not…isn’t that the point radiohead is making…none of use are right or wrong…I think Radiohead made this pattern just deep enough for those who want to go down this path can, and just shallow enough to have unbelievers that will choose the other path…It’s quite clever and I think they made a beautiful point!!

  • Jack

    Airbag was meant to be the last track of OK Computer,as you can tell from lyrics. Paranoid Android (2nd) was meant to be first. It is, as a medley, a table of contents if you like.

  • maRtO

    This comment on Jack confirms again my playlist (comment 112). I add also that when OK Computer was played on tour, they began with Fitter + Lucky.

  • Davd


  • enemyswim

    yeah, not buying it. this is the type of thing that thom and the guys would laugh at. If they are doing it, they’re doing it for a laugh, but I doubt they would go that far for a laugh.

  • D

    Regarding the 10 second crossfade on Itunes. They don’t have any of their music on Itunes. Why would they utilize the functions that Itunes has?


  • littleblackmess

    Did anyone notice this post?
    # weird fishee Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 8:52 pm

    youre all wrong, theres little connection really.
    its rather fun to mess with your heads though. i cant believe its been taken so far.

    have fun on the first

    ———————————————- …………………………………………………….

  • Tomqto Paste


  • Johnny

    If you play this hybrid albbum backwards, Thom clearly says: “paul is dead”

  • Davd



  • littleblackmess

    Dear Thom,
    (For some reason I don’t think the real Thom Yorke would type in caps, but whatever makes you happy, dear)
    Whoever wrote that post makes sense, you know. But then again, some people are still trying to decipher I am the walrus, so good luck.


  • Overhyped and Underlistened? Hmmmm….(aka All Your Radioheads Are Belong To Us…) « Thoughts, Raves & Outright Beatings

    [...] placed and order for downloaded from for OK Computer so as I can take part in that 01 and 10 experiment being touted by – God, do I need a life.).  But, at this stage in my [...]

  • Sparkmoon

    He only hides under the own sounding. Hi, weird fishee.

  • oh, come on now…

    you all should get out more often

    go for a walk, get some sun

    and stop reading the Kennedy/Lincoln business

    look what it’s done to your heads

  • Sparkmoon

    All that, that you wanted us to pass to the reports, a long ago it is told your sincerity.

  • confusionbeautiful

    this is all crazy. i love it.

  • pol

    so i indulged in this, and all i got was confirmation that in rainbows is rather mediocre in comparison (track by track) to the brilliant ok computer.

  • Davd

    to littleblackmess: I like the point about I am the Walrus.

    but nonetheless, about 98% of 0110 playlist fit together so well that its scary especially Bodysnatcher to SHA. Also the lyrics on SHA about the aliens making “home movies for the folks back home” and on videotape basically all of the lyrics fit in the same boat (kinda). But you have to admit that, if you are a true Radiohead fan, that this really fun to do. I know I am enjoying it. Keep it coming with all of the speculation :)

  • Jeff

    On the back of OKC cover there is 1=2,so paranoid android=1,
    airbag=2, no surprises=20, the tourist=21, lucky=22.
    Looking at the In rainbows cover on
    I guess that “/” is for OkC and “_” for Fitter happier
    that is the 7°song of inrain _ bows and not the 7° of OKC
    (in fact it is written outside the list on the OKC cover).
    So put the first 2 sons of In Rainbows (IN), then there is a “/”
    so put all the songs of OKC ending with climbing up the walls and
    excluding Fitter happier. Then put the other songs of INR ’till
    the 6°(faust arp); then put fitter happier and finish with
    No surprises, The tourist and Lucky.

    1.15 steps
    3.Paranoid android
    5.Subterranean homesick alien
    6.Exit music
    7.Let down
    8.Karma police
    10.Climbing up the walls
    12.Weird fishes/Arpeggi
    13.All I need
    14.Faust Arp
    15.Fitter happier
    17.House of cards
    18.Jigsaw falling into place
    20.No surprises
    21.The tourist

    This is only my personal guess, let me know what do you thik about..

  • Jeff

    i forgot..but you see from the list…after Fitter happier put the other songs from INR —> INRAIN_BOWS, BOWS is for
    17.House of cards
    18.Jigsaw falling into place
    Then close with No surprises, The tourist and Lucky

  • Davd

    to Jeff: The transition between Climbing up the walls and nude is flawless, it goes even better then SHA to Nude. Also fitter to Reckoner is good too. Thought you like to know

  • Davd

    also on the 0110 mix bodysnatchers just fis too good with SHA from the outro of bodysnatcher to the intro of SHA. tAKE A LISTEN TO, YOU WILL AGREE

  • dave

    Here’s the REALLY weird thing: I just looked down (while typing) and counted TEN FINGERS!!!

    I’m going to take off my shoes and socks off now. I’ll let you know what I come up with…

  • Ricky C

    You guys are making me laugh so hard I may even try this tracklisting thingy.
    I’m willing to accept that In Rainbows is amazing and stands up to comparison with OK Computer but surely this would mean that Thom knew he was going to do this back when they released OK Computer in 97 – a little too far fetched for me. Maybe when I listen to the tracklisting I’ll prove myself wrong.

  • Zanzibar

    Anyone wonder how it was weird that there was no album art in the mp3s? I wonder if there’s something in the literal Zeroes and Ones of “In Rainbows” (i.e. the digital mp3 files themselves)… hidden… waiting to be discovered.*

    Just a thought…

    *…other than some great music, of course, which is an obvious benefit to these particular Zeroes and Ones.

  • lostchilduk

    has anyone looked into the worm buffet style untitled 1-8
    doesnt fit into the binary code theory must, but my first thought was that it may be a hidden message



  • Jamie

    As if the music wasn’t good enough, you people have to search for something more?
    Here’s the biggest secret, folks: you’re missing it all!!

    “Concentrate on the moon and you’ll miss all that heavenly glory”

  • D

    And then there’s this eerie lyrical connection with 9-11

  • Mark

    this is all utterly ridiculous.
    for this to have been true, it would have been planned 10 years ago..alot has happened since then, and i dont think for a minute that there is much to read into here. In Rainbows is ace, but that is all. It would have been amazing to think that they were planning something like this, but if we’re realistic – they were not.

  • Davd

    why wouldn’t you think they can plan it. Most everyone thinks that Radiohead is weird. If you read about their bios and past you can see that they are very educated. I do think that they could’ve easily plan this. If people dont think radiohead couldn’t plan this then they are downing their musically genius that they are. My point is if there is band to do something like this, it would be Radiohead hands down.

  • Davd

    I dont need no english grammer cause I can speak real good :)

  • Vicarius

    Did anyone try to sync Radiohead’s albums with “A Nightmare Before Christmas”? Because we Tool fans do such things and it syncs :)

  • » Radiohead’s new album a sequel to “OK Computer”?

    [...] according to the indie-music blog Puddlegum, Radiohead has joined the list. Leading up to the 10/10 digital-only release [...]

  • Me

    I think this is one of the stupidest things I’ve read.

  • x-factor

    Did anyone else notice that there are ten letters in “OK COMPUTER” and ten letters in “IN RAINBOWS”…?

  • conspiracy theorist

    Look at Lucky (OKComp) and its transition into Videotape


    I’m on a roll this time
    I feel my luck could change.

    Kill me sarah,
    kill me again with love,
    it’s gonna be a glorious day

    Pull me out of the aircrash,
    Pull me out of the lake,
    ’cause i’m your superhero,
    we are standing on the edge.

    The head of state has called for me by name
    but I don’t have time for him.
    It’s gonna be a glorious day!
    I feel my luck could change.

    We’re standing on the edge…


    When I’m at the Pearly Gates
    This will be on my videotape

    This is my way of saying goodbye
    Because I can’t do it face to face
    I’m talking to you after it’s too late
    From my videotape

    No matter what happens now
    You shouldn’t be afraid
    Because I know today has been the most perfect day I’ve ever seen.

    In Lucky there’s mention that “today” will be a glorious day, and in Videotape the speaker affirms that “today” has been the most perfect day he’s ever seen. It’s a stretch, but if we use that to assume that the speaker in both Lucky and Videotape are the same person, it looks like Lucky talks about the speaker’s fall, be it death or out of favor with his lover. There’s some romantic interest there, as in Lucky (“Kill me Sarah, Kill me again with love”), and in Videotape the unnamed subject that the speaker is addressing at the end of the song could be that romantic interest (“you are my centre/when I spin away/…this is my way of saying goodbye/because I cant do it face to face/i’m talking to you after its too late”)

    Is the interpretation of “Lucky” a literal one? Does the speaker actually die in an airplane crash? He does ask Sarah to kill him again, perhaps because he didn’t have the chance to say goodbye before he died?

    Then, is the interpretation of “Videotape” also literal? The speaker is dead, and his will, or goodbye sentiments, are on a separate tape to be shown in case he dies unexpectedly? Why would he make such a tape?

    Anyway, for the purpose of trying to connect the two, it seems to me that Lucky is right before/during the “death” of the speaker, and the first stanza of Videotape:
    When I’m at the pearly gates
    This will be on my videotape, my videotape
    Mephistopheles is just beneath
    and he’s reaching up to grab me

    is the speaker’s first reactions to finding that he has died, and the rest of the song a sort of peaceful acceptance that there’s nothing he can do.


  • Jon

    so people are doubting whether this binary business is an intentional doing by radiohead….well it took them 2 years to record this album. you think they were literally recording songs for two years? come on, youre all smarter than that. also, werent some of the songs [i believe nude is one of them] was written/concieved during the ok computer era? couldnt that show signs of early planning of this concept. i must say tho, its grand fun.

  • SOON

    They told you so.

  • lewismistreated

    “…wherever ten is found this completeness of order is also seen. Ten implies completeness of order, nothing lacking and nothing over. It signifies that the cycle is complete and that everything is in its proper order. Thus ten represents the perfection of divine order.”

    From website:

  • maRtO

    to 208… i agree with you.

  • maRtO

    and… same way with Exit Music – Faust Arp connection… the figure of Faust and Mephistopheles are in connection.

  • ssss

    wow guys… all i can say is “wow”
    this is pathetic.

  • gregoire

    the 22 songs together come to 110.1MB…

  • chris

    What are you all searching for? and how will you know when you find it? and when you find it what will it prove???
    Please stop wasting your time and do something useful!
    Radiohead try to increase awareness, not drive people crazy.

  • Nick

    Anybody else notice O in Ok computer and I in In Rainbows look like a 0 and 1? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

  • interfloessence

    The music has become lost in all of this Please try only to listen and let it be a guide. Obsession does not lead to enlightenment only release. if there is a connection it would have resented itself learly by now. don’t stop belie ing but do stop wasting your time

  • musicisart

    love this post :)

  • simon

    ok i fucking smoke lots of drugs and i still cant see the fucking connection… maybe if i was tripping on acid and tried to balance myself standing on a yoga ball with the baseball bats in my hand while my friend mike tries to make a life size drawing of elephants and babies with zero’s and one’s an toes and boring thigns ok so go do somethign now i got it its the relish its in the relish i say !!!!! ITs IN THE RELISH AAAAAAAAHHHH.. sometimes relish is ok sometimes its not .. i hate it personally.. and dustin said….

    dont drink the water gate coz jfk and me and sleeping with the bay piggies and eating ziggies on 3rd avenue with a hit of brunch and got a hunch i got a bunch i need something to munch on maybe soem lunch…

    a note for maybe my girl friend: STOP it PLEASE… i had enough i cant take this any more ur prolly delusional or something..

    10 letters to the care takers: i got sticky fingers – 7 before u break 11 and make 5 my ticket into heaven
    I held hands and took 15 steps with devon

  • Mr. Manson

    I think this is probably about a race war that will end up with me being king of the world…

  • Dear God

    How mentally retarded do you have to be to actually believe in conspiracy theory sacred geometry crap like this?

    Should I just start huffing glue right now? I’m going to take a wild guess that the prerelease references to the numeral ten might have to do with the album coming out on 10/10. Just maybe.

  • http://aergae garg

    I actually cannot believe how ridiculously stupid people are. Things like ‘the 22 songs together add up to 110.1 MB’? Right. And people saying that they ‘didn’t get the beeps in airbag, but now it makes sense’??? Fucking hell, the beeps are a count in to Paranoid Android. I actually can’t fathom the fact that someone wouldn’t understand that.

    I also get the feeling that a lot of the people posting only own digital copies of OKC. Way to go.

  • MrEvilGuy

    i think it’s really awesome if you try 10 second crossfading from karma police to reckoner =D

  • MrEvilGuy

    in fact, half of the songs on in rainbows start their lyrics or new rhythm 10 seconds in
    so it usually works quite well with 10 second crossfading for so many songs

  • Bjorker

    The most beautiful Radiohead album is “Kid A”.

    My God! 225 messages! Crappy people! Just listen to the music!

  • SOON

    If you want numerology; why are not you trying?

    2007 = 2+0+0+7 = 9
    6 years
    6+9 = 15
    Accept what you are given, however do not ?uestion.

  • SOON

    “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.” – Rene Magritte

  • josefk


    come on rain down, on me!

  • Colin

    Hey! Here is a playlist including OKC, KidA & In Rainows (twice). It makes perfectly sense, btw. Just give it a try!
    Kid A / Arpeggi / CUTW / National Anthem / Karma Police / Videotape / Fitter Happier / Lucky / Nude / Bodysnatchers / Tourist / Exit Music / Electioneering / Let Down / HTDC / All I Need / In Limbo / Reckoner / House of Cards / 15 Steps / 15 Steps / Paranoid
    Android / Treefingers / Bodysnatchers / House of Cards / Jigsaw / MPS / No Surprises / Nude / Faust Arp / Videotape / Optimistic / SHA / Faust Arp / Arpeggi / EIIRP / All I Need / Airbag / Morning Bells / Jigsaw / Idioteque / Reckoner.
    Listen to it 33 times consequently and you’ll get infinite power, true I did it myself.

    life’s not a game, XXX Colin

  • Donny

    I think BodySnatchers=Airbag. Try simply that one. The rest, not sure.

  • pixelatednoise

    Maybe they are just trying to tell us they are going to call it quits after album 10?

  • Kill Me Sarah

    I FOUND IT !!

    The link between those 2 albums is that they’re both from the same band…
    Seriously I’m Ok to said that there is a link just because of the titles IN RAINBOWS and OK COMPUTER, which they’re both write in the same way (2 + 8)…
    Remember me why OK COMPUTER should be 1 !!

  • Kill Me Sarah

    I think the crossfading theory is really stupid !!

    The crossfader works pretty well between so many songs, sometimes coming from different bands, and of course, it has been created for it…
    And If Radiohead had built something really crazy between OKC and INR they should’nt have rely on the crossfader process…

  • self.mind.dump() » Blog Archive » In Rainbows, oh yeah.

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  • Trevor

    Like someone said before, this is all about people looking for patterns in numbers. Meaning only occurs in discourse, not in pure experience (which is what meaning refers to). Numbers will do your bidding. I think radiohead fans are so secretly bored by the new album (and afraid to admit it) that they’re putting together conspiracies to make it more interesting.

  • Radio Facu » Blog Archive » Rocktoputo

    [...] baixá-lo? Se não, deviam. Deviam ter ouvido inteiro algumas vezes e mais, podiam ter ouvido desse jeito, no mínimo, pra lembrar de lendas legais como o Dark side of the moon e Mágico de oz ou o enterro [...]

  • The Simulated City » Blog Archive » Radiohead stirring up pretty much everything

    [...] is said to be “doing a radiohead” and there’s some probably-right-but-who-cares theory about In Rainbows and OK Computer, including mutterings of”Golden Ratios” and Binary [...]

  • luis

    KID A = KID 10 in computer basics exadecimal code A=10 B=11 C=12 …… KID 10 !!!!!!

  • aaron

    we’re thinking too hard.

    10 = 2 = double album

    the other new tracks may fit like a comb into the current ‘in rainbows.’ doesn’t it sound like something’s missing?

    again this is a maybe because the artwork would be different etc.

  • Stadiums and Shrines with Sutton

    Radiohead.TV: A webcast for the ages

    In true fashion, this was posted a few hours before the webcast helo there will be something on the box

  • gdot

    010110010110111101110101 01101000011000010111011001100101 011000010110110001101100 01100010011001010110010101101110 011001100110111101101111011011000110010101100100. 0101010001101000011001010111001001100101 0110100101110011 01101110011011110111010001101000011010010110111001100111 0111010001101111 01110100011010000110100101110011.


  • the Vagary.

    Radiohead: 01 and 10

    Radiohead’s In Rainbows has been all the news since it was released just over a month ago. Making news not only for being a pay-what-you-feel digital download with no DRM, but also for being a phenomenal album, and a follow-up…

  • me


  • OKOZ

    Just to let it be known Ok Computer = 10 letters In Rainbow = 10 letters Wizard of Oz =10 letter maybe the reason the band referred to Ok Computer as 0 and 1 is because the movie has a run time of one hundred and one minutes. putting the playlist together gives a time of 1:35:55 which leaves 5:05 missing from 101 minutes. 5+5=10 and 010 complements 101.

  • SOON

    06. THE ICE AGE IS COMING – Idioteque
    08. LAST REMAINING POLAR BEARS – Hunting Bears
    10. 150,000 VOLTS OF ELECTRICTY! – Electioneering
    15. OUR NAME IS LEGION – You and Whose Army?
    16. CARROTS & STICKS – Fitter Happier
    17. PACKT UP LIKE SARDINES IN A CRUSH TIN BOX – Packt Up Like Sardines in a Crush Tin Box

    SHELLSHOCK, PARALYSIS SLEEPWALKING, any Child who is Backward in Study, and BAD HABITS of any kind PERMANENTLY REMOVED, Etc.
    For a Due apprecitation of the above INCOMPREHENSIBLE MUSICAL COMBINATION, much and little more is depending on the Imagination of the Audience.


    Perhaps the rest of you would like to fill in the blanks.

  • wanderin Bob

    maybe they were subliminaly trying us to pay £10 for the album……

  • wanderin Bob

    just for fun, lets say when they anounced In Rainbows would be available to download, it was 10 days till release on the 10th of the 10th month, lets say 101010 – in binary is 42, remember hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, that film book tv show radioshow and movie. well when asked, Deep Thought, the computer that was built to calculate “the ultimate question” -the meaning of life the universe and everything (which took 7 million years to build) came up with the answer 42!! wow, im spooked ha ha. then it took 10 million years (yes another 10!!!!) for them to use the computer to build a machine that could calculate what the ultimate question could be, and thy built earth. not sure were else im going with this, other than it wouldt be first time with reference to douglas adams, ie paranoid android! ill think deeper and post some more soon

  • dave

    realy nothing special at all about this mix.. a novelty

  • SOON

    OK = 666


  • cork


  • » Radiohead: mentions the Binary Theory during BBC Radio interview :: Puddlegum ::

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  • brilliantamnesia

    the original post seems wrong: having the tourist at the end deosn’t make sense. exit music (for a film) – refers to the videotape?? maybe videotapea nd exit music are supposed to be played together…time for a bit of left and right channel action in protools. that siad, maybe all the tracks on ok are meant to beplayed within the tracks of rainbows?? when i’ve got time i’ll try it. any suggestions as to lyical matches?

  • Xders

    Ok computer 3rd album, In rainbows 7th album, 3+7=10.
    In Binary 0011=3 0111=7 0011+0111=1010 1010=10
    Release date = 10/10

  • m3kw9

    Yo who gives a fuc if all this is realted to 01 10’s binaries, golding ratios or what ever divichi codes shit…

    Who gives a fuc…or why… so he fits all his shit in to variations of zero’s and one’s, what is the implications to our lives? Is he signaling an alien invasion??? U tools

  • In Rainbows “Mad Theories”

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  • balls

    Get a life – seriously.

  • Calmantes com Champagne 2.0 » Blog Archive » Radiohead na Last FM, em trechos de livro e… no Brasil

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  • Rockhydra » Blog Archive » Thom Yorke On OK Rainbows Conspiracies

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  • Jimmy Smitts

    It’s also funny that he says, “How come I end up where I started?”

  • peter pedigrew

    I think that the above blog has a really insightful diagram that helps explain this issue a lot better. here’s a redundant link

  • Gabriel AT

    In Computers / OK Rainbow
    Kid A / The Blair Witch Project

    If all those are true, this rockstar life must be REALLY boring for Thom, so he spends all this time on charades. Anyway, I´m gonna try this mixed playlist at home – worst thing that can happen is to spend some quality time listening to great albuns.

  • °lUKA.V » Presenečenjem z In Rainbows očitno ni videti konca ..

    [...] Vir [...]

  • Adam

    Look at the one of the obvios thing of the title of the Cd’s themselevs. Ok computer and In Rainbow. The first letter of Ok Computer… Zero and In Rainbow… One….. Connection, I dont know I’m just kinda drunk… you be the judge becuase I obviously can’t

  • Scatterbrain » 01 and 10

    [...] crazy to see how far people will go to believe something. Take for instance this blogpost about adding up two Radiohead albums. While not making any sense at all, the way things are said makes you almost believe what’s [...]

  • touristique

    And what were the words spoken directly before The Bends starts?

    “Break it up.”


  • ButtDart

    I like comment #3 about sonic the hedgehog

  • ignatius

    I think the track compliments work in a different order though. Jigsaw Falling Into Place (second to last track on In Rainbows) has to be the compliment to Paranoid Android, the second track on OK Computer. Just listen to those two songs.

  • Top 100 Albums of 2007 | Avoid Self Deception

    [...] free to do whatever the damn they want to. And they deliver. Also read the In Rainbows/OK Computer binary theory for some [...]


    01 and 10 = 11
    11 x 2 album (in rainbows and ok computer) = 22
    22 songs on “01 and 10″
    it’s so great.
    sie machen mir richtig angst.

  • Mark

    So these “self-fulfilling prophecies”, this golden ratio brings us where? The extent to which Thom and or the band imply these numbers is most likely limited to the release date and, maybe, the title. An extenstion from the literal music, concept albums, album art, lyrics that struggle with “what” “it” “is”. Divinitive proof that santa is indeed an alien

  • nos-aj

    And ten low words oft creep in one dull line:
    While they ring round the same unvaried chimes,
    With sure returns of still expected rhymes;
    Wher’er you find “the cooling western breeze”,
    In the next line, it “whispers through the trees”;
    If crystal streams “with pleasing murmurs creep”,
    The reader’s threatened (not in vain) with “sleep” . . .
    A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.—1711 alexaxnder pope: Faust has made a deal with mephisto (arp) (the devil) only if faust ever realizes true happiness will he get his soul. my music is well developed

  • Sam

    has anyone noticed that in the back of OK computer it has the number 18576397 and if you do this 1+8+5+7+6+3+9+7 = 46 and 4+6 = 10?

    pretty cool huh?

  • DeadAirSpace II


    Hab ich eigentlich schonmal was von der TENspiracy erzählt? Vor kurzem kaute ich erst zwei Menschen ein Ohr deswegen ab die es so gar nicht interessierte und auch dich wird das jetzt so gar nicht interessieren, aber egal. Das war für mich die Story d…

  • Les clefs de “In Rainbows” : frontstage

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  • Radiohead – Key to In Rainbows « .:: Piauo’s Blog ::.

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  • Mika

    All of that being said, Pearl Jam has named its first album (01) “Ten” (10)…

    I wonder whether…

  • La face cachée de Radiohead de Le web a meilleur goût

    [...] sont fans de jeux de piste, soit les fans de Radiohead sont complètement à l’ouest. Selon le site Puddlegum, qui relaie ainsi les analyses de nombreux fans du groupe, In Rainbows n’est pas un album comme [...]

  • DL

    The OK Computer/IN Rainbows playlist fits perfectly as another alternate soundtrack to Wizard of OZ(ten letters). Same deal as Dark Side, start playlist precisely the split second after the third lion roar before the credits.

  • DL

    Radiohead have outdone the Floyd at their own game. The songs flow with the action down to each beat. It is all about the rhythm changes that go along with the moods of the film. Quite a startling synchronicity.

  • Éclatement professionnel « Le raté boulimique

    [...] fausse théorie de In Rainbows Cette fameuse théorie qui laisse présager que le dernier album de Radiohead a été conçu autour du chiffre 10. [...]

  • TK

    remember, DOWN IS THE NEW UP, I’d go with the inverted shit, and the idea that Airbag is the end, the four beeps only seem appropriate

  • got netkrash? » Blog Archive » radiohead unos y ceros

    [...] para fans de radiohead y de teorías locas, me encontré un artículo llamado Radiohead: 01 and 10, posteado 10 días después del lanzamiento digital del último disco In Rainbows del que hablé en [...]

  • Oh

    my Fucking Goodness

  • galz

    listen to this:

    1. 15 steps – he starts singing right after 10 seconds,
    same thing in bodysnatchers

    2. nude – he starts singing exactly at 46 seconds 4+6=10

    3. all i need – beat starts at 10seconds

    4. reckoner – same thing as in nude start singing at 46 seconds(!)

    i’m sure there is more…:D

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  • Animated Drivel » Blog Archive » Is Radiohead channeling Da Vinci?Animated cartoon videos watched, everything animation included

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  • DL
  • http://N/A LeonF

    This may have been covered before, but I think there is a deliberate thing going on with the ten digits here… ie, that it’s not just interpreting ambiguous information and trying to find something that’s not really there. Often we can find patterns in stuff when they don’t really exist, simply to confirm our own beliefs and theories. But when IN_RAINBOWS was first released the first thing that hit me when I thought about it was (as has been mentioned) that it has the ten characters (the same as OK Computer), and that both are split into 2+8 words. ‘I’ could mean 1, and ‘N’ nought, and similarly O zero and K … something else (!). So when we look further into what it means it’s really anyone’s guess – could be a comment on being caught up in some 1/0 existence over which others are in control; ‘O’ and ‘X’ could refer to Oxford – who knows? But what’s clear is that 10 runs throughout Thom’s work, and that this seems to have a binary meaning, beyond that which could be deemed to be coincidence. No-one seems to have mentioned The Eraser man yet, with the power to erase (0) or retain (1)… Thom noted in 2006 that THE MAN VISITED 10 OF THE LOCATIONS FROM THE ALBUM ARTWORK. CLICK ON THE 10 LOCATIONS TO SEE… .

  • gal

    Now check this shit out:

    t+h+e e+r+a+s+e+r = 9 letters.
    the album have 9 tracks.

    H+a+i+l t+o t+h+e T+h+i+e+f = 14 letters
    the album have 14 tracks.

    I+n R+a+i+n+b+o+w+s = 10 letters.
    the album have 10 tracks.

    it’s well known that Kid A and Amnesiac can be refered as one album.

    A+m+n+e+s+i+a+c = 8 Kid A = 4
    8+4 = 12.

    both of those albums have 21 tracks.

    12 = 21. on the back of OK computer 1=2…those albums complement each other…just like COMPUTER AND RAINBOWS DOES.

    I exclude pablo honey and the bends (for now…cause i think this has started on OK COMPUTER).

    now…we are left with the eraser and hail to the thief…

    the eraser = 9 letters 9 tracks
    hail to the thief = 14 letters 14 tracks

    14 + 9 = 23

    2+3 = 5

    first track on “Hail…” 2+2=5

    another thing i’ve noticed:

    pablo honey have 12 tracks
    The bends have 12 tracks
    Ok computer have 12 tracks
    (ROCK ALBUMS…1=2)
    THAN ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY MAKE KID A + AMNESIAC (electronic albums): 10 tracks + 11 tracks = 21 tracks…(did i forgot to say kid a and amnesiac are 12 letters!

    Hail to the thief 14 tracks (and 14 letters) but he also says on the motherfucking first track: 2+2=5…so in Hail…he breaks this pattern of 12 (rock albums) and 21 (electronic albums). SHIT DOESNT MAKE SENSE NO MORE…2+2=5.

    he continue to break the pattern “the eraser” = 9 letters 9 tracks…and than they release IN RAINBOWS=10 LETTERS=10 TRACKS…well i don’t know anymore i’m tierd as hell…



  • gal

    ok ok ok i have it.

    there is a pattern…i’m going now by number of tracks from each and every album:

    12 (pablo) > 12 (bends) > 12 (computer) > 21 (kid + amnesiac) 14 (hail…here the pattern breaks) 9 (eraster) 10 (in rainbows…we back on track)

    so according to this pattern we start again..1 0…the next album should be 11 tracks it will be the eleven letters long.


  • TomPiltoff

    I think the whole thing is bullshit, and how do you like that?

  • » Blog Archive » Radiohead
  • 3rd*

    “Ten days after our original article, we have come to believe that OK Computer and In Rainbows were meant to complement each other. During the writing and recording process of OK Computer, Radiohead used the working title of Zeros and Ones. If OK Computer is represented by 01, and In Rainbows is represented by 10, then we have 01 and 10. In binary code 01 and 10 complement each other.”

    Have you been seeing 11:11 latelly? Well…01+10=11
    “In Rainbows” as a “/” or a “_”. It’s not 10 characters it’s 11
    The myth surrounding the number “15″ that “Marto” posted here. 15 in binary is 1111.

  • Keegan

    I found out. I was in the bathtub, with my laptop and a pair of headphones.
    I know what Thom was referencing as to what is right in front of our eyes, and our minds.
    He was right, it really is… I spent an entire day driving myself up the wall, concerning the TENspiracy, the OKC relations, and hints involving the artwork, amongst others. I now know why I was so frustrated yesterday, it’s because I knew I could figure it out, and have. I then continued to search Google, as to see if this amazingly intriguing, exciting, and impressive act had been fount out, and I haven’t seen otherwise! I can’t wait to listen to the whole thing in its entirety. I’m no compulsively obsessed Radiohead fan, who learned how to really take the hint. I’m just a hopeful/lessly devoted fan. I’m off to register myself on the forums to see what happens next!?

  • Kevin

    It’s so obvious! Radiohead planned and executed 9/11!

  • Keegan

    You make fun of me now, re-read what I posted once you find out what I found out.

  • Keegan

    1973 = 1010

    If you want your mind blown, figure out what album i’m talking about. Trust me. I’m a big Radiohead fan, hopelessly devoted actually.
    You wanna hear this. Think Prism, think rainbows, think about what album changed music history in a bold way in ‘73. its all really painfully obvious, and you’ll see everything in its right place. There will be 20 tracks.
    First track is the one from 73, continue the playlist in a 1122334455 manner.
    Do this if you want to know.

  • Keegan



    Or should I say heart beat?

    1. SPEAK TO ME
    1. 15 STEP


    somewhere between the golden ration 6.something (I forget now) and 10. I FOUND 10 WORKED REALLY WELL

    A “LUNATIC”.


  • Keegan

    BEFORE YOU QUICKLY REPLY, please at least hear (read) me out.

    The boys in Radiohead should have a laugh to see all over the net that people have been calling me crazy all day, and I haven’t been able to show this to anyone in person yet. It fits with the DSOTM perfectly. I also started to doubt myself, as maybe I am being crazy.
    Exactly. Call it irony, especially on the 20th of november, and the fact that I had an appointment with my Psychiatrist today (No, I am not crazy, just have a family history of depression and anxiety, and have suffered on and off through my life, now it is completely under wraps, and it is not bipolar disorder, in case you are wondering (which I can see as to how that notion could lend itself to the skeptics)

    All my other posts are cryptic, because I was adamant in the notion that someone would see what I see, and now I see how obvious it all is.

    You must give it a shot, I refuse to get into too much detail, because once you know, there are so many things pointing to this fact.

    I was typing in caps and being cryptic earlier, because I was dropping so many hints on the radiohead forum, without giving anything away. I can’t believe I seem to be the only person convinced of this.

    The whole lunacy theme was related to DSOTM, and I was having fun with it. I’m bringing this information to you guys, because I feel as if this is the “answer” to all of the conspiracies in the air.

    Just try this out, or at least hear this out.

    Open your media player, I have WMP, hopefully you have something with a crossfade function of 10 seconds.

    Now, instead of bringing up so many other points that point to this, one has to hear this for themselves, because no body is going to take me seriously, because I’m just some guy on the internet, not ______TM.

    Prove me wrong by doing this:
    Think of the heartbeat motif in Darkside, and how it comes full circle. Think of how Airbag and The Tourist come full circle. You should hear how the faint beats of “Videotape”, at the end seque into Speak to Me.

    Speak to Me –> 15 Step – The Floyd track ends with that tremoring, machinic sound…just listen to how it comes into 15 Step (You’ll have to hear it) At this time, I have to say I don’t know if the exact order of the tracks are as simple as I have arranged them, so I’ll give some examples of blatantly awesome synchronization:

    If you place Bodysnatchers before Eclipse:
    Try it first w/o the crossfade. listen to Body’s outro, and some of the notes played through it. Now listen to the very first few seconds of Eclipse. Intriguing to say at least. This was my first lead. Now try it w/ the crossfade, and notice the tempo change as the guitar’s signal from bodysnatcher cuts out, along with the meshing of the frequencies during the crossfade. (also apparent w/o the crossfade)

    On the Run to Nude is nothing crazy, but still quite smooth (I know, I know, but you can’t say it DOESN’t work well.)

    One thing I have noticed is that the “Breezy white noise” as I’ll call it, in the outro matches up to some of the ambient “breezy white noise” in numerous of the PF tracks…like…really well. UPDATE: the white noise between Nude and The Great Gig in the Sky is fantastic, very fluent, sounds to be the exact frequency as well. If you don’t believe me, throw on your best pair of headphones, or crank your speakers and turn off the fade. Compare. Also, Thoms vocal abilities are quite on display on that track, and you all know what GGinS is all about.

    GGinS –> All I Need
    Sounds really nice, wavering Leslie like output on the Synths compliment eachother very well. Also, Perhaps a bit of homage to Boards of Canada’s ROYGBIV as well?

    The outro of Time compliments the intro of Weird Fishes really well, but it isn’t blatant. (might sync up better in some other order)

    Money to Faust Arp – Nothing big here, except for the fact that there’s no way you can say it doesn’t work. Again, maybe in wrong order.

    Us and Them –> Faust Arp. –>Definitely compliment eachother, not just the transition, but listen to the notes played on the acoustic guitar through Faust Arp, they are the same notes played in the main riff of UoT.

    Also, if you place Body Snatchers before Breathe, listen to how Thom exclaims something along the lines of “I’ve seen it coming” 4 times, and then how the Mad “yelling” at the start of Breathe are in the same “melody”, and is also repeated 4 times. This one sounds really great.

    Okay, so we know reckoner is the “climax” of in rainbows, but we also know it is the 1st of 4 titles colored White on the back of the in rainbows album. We’ve seen Thom refer to In Rainbows as in rainBOWS. A letter for each song, and the last 4 are obviously significant in this white way.
    Faust Arp is the last title in colour.
    NOW, the rest are “BLANK” or white.
    the next song to sync is
    but you don’t need to even get that if you hear who the strings compliment the vocal chording on Any Colour You Like. Again, just listen.

    ALSO, if you skip ahead to far, IE 10 seconds before the tracks are over, the CROSSFADE
    won’t work (for me, anyways.)

    ACYL –> House of Cards – Just listen, you’ll see how good it works…but again, this one isn’t as blunt/in the right order.

    WAIT –> Listen to BRAIN DAMAGE –> Faust Arp, it has the same instrumentation as
    UandT, and then straight into Faust extremely well, and like I said, same notes in what is being played in both of the main guitar motifs. Also “everything is niiice hehe” to “Wakey wakey” is quite the abrupt wake up cal (and makes sense thematically)

    JIGSAW –> Eclipse
    listen to the transition without the fade, then with. The fade out of Jig matches the fade in of Eclipse immaculately!

    Videotape back into SPEAK TO ME. –must listen loud, and recognize the heart beat motifs.
    this should help sell my discovery, and don’t even get me started with how all the other clues lead to this, and even Thom has discussed the “mountain” of clues, he says mountain, i think prism, and I also think of rainbows, and I think of the golden ratio, and it’s triangular appearance, and how that works into the Prism, and how IN RAINBOWS is actually within the “rainbows” of Dark Side of the Moon. Along with the huge binary code conspiracy, along with the TENspiracy, Dark Side was released in 1973 – 1010 if you add it 2 digits at a time. Also, perhaps the 2=1 found on OK Computer could lend to the fact that the 1st track of in rainbows is actually the 2nd track of the 20 track hybrid. also, 10 10.
    Also, look up the interview where Phil actually says something along the lines of “well, maybe you just need the right 10 songs” …which I immediately turned to Amnesiac, the album Radiohead told us to forget.

    Anyways, the in rainbows album art is basically what I would see as darkside as at post-modern peice of art (or should i say pre-future :P )

    Also, no body is taking me seriously, and I am convinced that I have uncovered atleast a big chunk of what Thom has been flustered about. Hear me out, I know its hard to give me a chance, because your not reading this on some headline on some other site, but its because I may just be the 1st to bring this to the table, and I’m doing it for the fans! Give it a try at least! before you bash. thanks.
    p.s. before you respond to the track set up, I realize that it needs some fine tuning, but there is enough evidence present for anyone with a crossfader and the ability to differentiate between tempos and notes and frequencies, amongst other musical/mathematic …things. Just listen first. This is big. I’ll say it again.

    Thank you. This is basically… simply awesome. I can’t believe I can handle the capacity to love your band even more so now.
    I didn’t think it was going to get much better after seeing and manipulating the data from the “House of Cards” vid! I hope to see you live some day!

    With everything (Almost) in its (newfound) right place,


  • Keegan

    if you feel it, digg it.

  • Keegan
  • Keegan

    I certainly was excited and all, but I’m not just talking about this binary stuff, I’m just talking about what I put together, and am hearing. The golden ratio is strewn across some of their work too though, and it is nuts. Anyways, here are some things to chew on, concerning the “bigger picture”:

    “The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, we’re just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But I’m willing to wager he’ll have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one ‘gets it’ yet, given the mountain of clues.”

    This to take notice of,
    The INTRO to The Bends, and the OUTRO to Exit Music.
    Same white noise, same weird “ga ga” baby type noise.
    you don’t need the crossfade to hear this,
    but when you put them in order and fade, it sounds like it was meant to be.
    Also, just listen. (literally too.)
    In The Floyd song off of Piper at the Gates of Dawn, the song “Bike”, listen to that weird “gaga” noise. Do it.

    Now sync Bike w/ the 10 sec crossfade into THE BENDS. You’ll hear the chimey noises and the same “baby” sound effects.

    (And is all reminiscent to the faded in outro of the Beatles’ A day in the life tape loop, it all reminded me of that.)

    This is Floyds poppiest (We all know how Thom always mentions about looking to pop music) [even in both senses of the word pop, Pink Floyd Fits] album, and features Syd Barrett.

    The Intro to Chapter 24 one uses the exact same percussion as High and Dry uses most notably at the Intro. (and iis all about the numbers, and prism/rainbowness) Play both intro’s, one after another. Not hard to dispute, buteasy to call a coincidence, but lets try to keep going. I’m gonna see what I find. I’m not saying this is all Radiohead’s doing, but just listen to what you hear, it seems to good to be coincidences (if I keep finding similarities, I just started intentionally looking) but whatever. Trust me, I am taking this thing with a grain of salt, but its just exciting for me, for whatever reason.

  • Keegan

    There are some big similarities between Floyd songs and Radiohead songs, and I’d like to see someone discuss otherwise. Anyways, I don’t think it’s the big ordeal hidden in radioheads music here.

    What would you say if you found out radiohead had constructed they’re catalog into one mixmatched Epic. Think Canterbury Tales. If there was a band to do this kind of thing, I think its safe to say that it would be Radiohead. Maybe not. Anywho, these are some of my speculations. I don’t know they have done this, and I am not saying they have, I’m just telling you what I’m hearing. if Thom’s “comment” on how people still haven’t gotten it yet, then I believe this is what he is actually talking about. And how it is all “right in front of our eyes. On the computer, the playlist of Radiohead songs.

  • Keegan

    THE EPIC. (???????)
    Odin’s favourite Radiohead playlist?

    ““The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, we’re just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But I’m willing to wager he’ll have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one ‘gets it’ yet, given the mountain of clues.”

    In feeding my curiosity, and love of Radiohead, I have followed some of my own interpreted “clues”, along with some facts. Before you call me out, at least give some of this a chance.
    Thank you.
    I am doing this for myself, as much as for the fans. If this starts catching on, then maybe we can figure something out as a unit.
    (And yes, I may have gone a little crazy with it before hand, but I’m telling you, there are numerous connections between Radiohead’s music, and Pink Floyd’s music, maybe just to fuck with my head like it has…but that is for another time, and to ensure that I don’t contract some sort of lunacy.
    I don’t know the exact specifics of the Cross-fading, but I believe it works out the best from let’s say 6.1 or .2 to 10. Whatever the golden ratio is, to 10. If you don’t know the story between the golden ratio, and its appearance at the moment the backing vocals say “INNNN RAINNNBOWS” on reckoner, you ought to look it up…very interesting.

    Anyways, onwards:

    Like Spinning Plates –> Nude.
    You probably know that the music in LSP is played in reverse, and you can hear it yourself on the internet, or do it yourself on your computer. This is a true fact. Thom also had to sing as if he were singing backwards, so when reversed…you hear his lyrics. Damn cool.
    Nude’s backward intro is the same as the outro, but set forward. I know that Sigur Ros had done something similar, except they may have made a palindrome out of it. ANYWAYS,
    Just listen to this transition to hear how legit it sounds. I’m just saying that, I’m not telling you that they were meant to sync.

    Reckoner sounds really good going into Electioneering as well, due to the percussion similarities, but thats all I got for that.
    Electioneering –> House of Cards.
    The sustained notes/noise on the outro of Electioneering is the EXACT same noise that comes through on House of cards 8 seconds in (except soaked in reverb etc.)
    Thematically as well, these songs flow very well together: Electioneering needs no explanation, just read the lyrics. House of Cards isn’t as blunt.. but look at it like this,
    I don’t want to be your friend, I just want to be your love”. Think of how that may apply to perhaps A Certain President or ([Hail to the]“Theif”) basically fucked and ad/inadvertently “Fucked and chucked his nation.” …”The infrastructure will collapse” The theme of infidelity is also obviously apparent.
    Definitely check this one out.
    In Limbo –> All I Need
    This one has a fantastic transition as well, the white noise and “other noise” mesh perfectly into each other.

    Exit Music (For A Film) –> The Bends
    You certainly don’t need to crossfade, for this connection to be painfully obvious of the connection! The white noise, the other noises, the voices…it all matches wondefully.

    Knives Out –> Dollars and Cents.
    I realize they are on the same album. Yes. (Who knows, there may be 2 songs on every album that mesh extremely well in alternate order…we know that OKC certainly comes full circle, don’t we.)
    Have you realized how truly similar they are to each other? Perhaps Morning Bell in the middle distracts the listener a tad. The guitars, drums, bass, and tempo are all EXTREMELY similar. Check that out.

    AT LEAST HEAR THIS OUT: take a moment to realize that if Radiohead has done this, it wouldn’t be as difficult as you think. We already know they put a lot of time into their track orders, they have made sure to let us know this. If you actually listen to the outro of Exit Music, and the intro of The Bends, you will see that they use the same sounds, same noises, all that. Which leads me to believe, that if they have constructed this Epic, they Decided to do it during the OKC sessions. It wouldn’t be hard, with all the EP’s, and the In Rainbows disk 2, basically all of the post Bends work could be constructed by the band to accomodate the earlier tracks as well. I hope that makes sense. Think of Blow Out on Pablo Honey, and how there is that slow attack of high pitched noise. I’m pretty sure you hear that noise at the end of a more recent album, but I haven’t gotten that far. Also, the jazzy guitar stylings on that album are very reminiscent of some of the more recent tracks.
    I Will (No MANS land), besides being a title of a Beatles track, is more or less a lullaby. I think it is safe to say so: (perhaps songs to oneself) “I will lay ME down, in a bunker underground” “I won’t let this happen to my children….”Little baby’s eyes”…
    This reminded me of Motion Picture Soundtrack’s omitted lyrics:

    Original last verse not included on Kid A:

    Beautiful angel
    Pulled apart at birth
    Limbless and helpless
    I can’t even recognize you
    I think you’re crazy, maybe (x6)

    I will see you in the next life

    That sloping down of the lyrics made me think of a Pyramid, if it sloped down the other way as well…which led me to thinking down is the new up, if one were to actually scale a perfect triangle. This led me to think of all sorts of crazy possibilities, I’m not saying they are real, but imagine if this is how it played out…many of the songs I found transitional links in, the titles slope up or down in a similar fashion as you see in the omitted lyrics. This could add to what Thom had said about these things being “right under our eyes.”
    Also, with the information on the Golden ratio, and how it occurs during “INNN RAINNNNBOWS” on Reckoner, and “Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean its there” on There There, these speculations gain a BIT more …credibility, but still as speculations at the moment of course. Also, some other sets of segueing tracks I have found all have the same spacing on ones play list, like this:

    Karma Police
    Last Flowers
    No Surprises

    (this could add to the whole prism theory, as these tracks would be the spaces in between them on your playlist.
    Also, as you all know, all of the tracks on
    Hail to the Thief Contain ( Additional story telling titles in brackets. ) 15 Step
    All I can say is set your crossfade to 7, and turn it up. This transition sounds AWEsome.
    I can’t vouch for the fact that it is intentional, but it flows so goddamn well.

    Speaking of 15, i’ve yet to look into the relations between the number and its use the previously stated song, as well as in Just – “15th floor” , and in Climbing Up the Walls “15 blows to the back of your head, 15 blows to your mind”.


    That’s all for now, I’ll continue my endeavors later, and with more albums.

  • dfghgfds

    keegs22.. I hate to say this, but you need to get a life

  • Lucas

    the 6th post about the number 15 was posted at 6:15 am

  • Joseph

    This playlist has turned out to be such a nice listen. I’m intrigued by the ones and tens theory and can definitely see how each album compliment eachother, not convinced yet though, so here’s a couple things I found while listening:
    [ps. use 10 sec crossfade, I did and it is the ONLY way to listen to this playlist]

    -Bodysnatchers – SHA
    Body ends with the Thom screaming “I see them coming!”, moving into a song about aliens visiting Earth

    -Airbag – 15 Step
    SHA – Nude
    Weird Fishes – Let Down
    The former of each other these pairs seem to have a definite finishing point 10 seconds before the end of the song, resulting in an eerily perfect transition into the next one.

    That’s it for now (I’m still listening to the playlist after all, only up to Let Down so far) I’ll come back when I hear more.

    A personal coincidence:
    When I was making this playlist I noticed something fking weird.
    I ripped both OK Computer and In Rainbows onto my computer on the same day. Guess what day?


  • Joseph

    Oh also, I did the golden ratio thing to OK Computer, and the results were..ehh..interesting..

    OKC: 53 mins 21 secs , or about 53 1/3 minutes long.

    53 1/3 mins is 3200 secs (or 3199.99998 etc).

    Apply the golden ratio to that (3200/1.618), and the ‘golden moment’ is about 1978 seconds into the album. Which seems to be about 1:45 into Track 8, ‘Electioneering’.

    The lyrics covering that point in the song are “Voodoo economics”.

    Anyone care to offer an explanation? (If there is one…)

    Now, excuse me I’m off to waste my time on applying golden ratio to every prog album there is, ever.

  • ahughes778

    i just tried to go to and it said error 400 bad request. powered by Zeus technology. i got kinda creeped out.

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  • Thiago

    You are fucking nuts.

  • Thiago

    Oh fuck… I’ve read it all…

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  • dave evans


    kid A suggests social experiment

    ok computer is how experiment is monitored,

    its in the rain refers to the aluminium dioxide ,

    added to the silver iodode that is used to seed rain.

    aluminium causes altzheimers.

    body snatchers would be when you really mess up the social experiment,

    the 15 punches to the brain probsbly your brainwashing,

    leaving a paranoid android,

    not sure i havent listened to radiohead in years.

    once bitten by the shark with electric bark,

    twice shy to die for any lie.
    the internet is death of culture,right at home,from the heart.

  • dave evans

    he’s talking about both eyes shut and the other one open stuff.
    man is god,but man thinks being kidA,with an ok computer,
    worshipping plastc trees and pink crap is cool.
    if you dont know,you dont want to know.
    or had too much of that stuff in the rain?
    if you cant see it,its probably because you are it.

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  • radioheadfan

    well it appears that radioheads process of making only one album, ok computer then redoing it 3 more times in different ways has been figured out lol it is about time someone else noticed it

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  • sezwan

    are you thom?

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